26 September 2011

Sunday was the 20th anniversary of Nirvana releasing Nevermind and USDAA in Turlock.

I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard Smells Like Team Spirit on the radio. I think I freaked out and left the crappy shithole of a studio under the shadow of a football stadium in the desert, where I was working on a crappy weird painting that had mummified stuff tied on with dental floss and rode my crappy old bike to a record store and bought the cassette, since my only stereo was either my truck or my plastic boombox with the rubber dinosaur on a coat hanger for it's radio antenna.

I also know exactly where I was and what I was doing when Kurt died in 1994. In a nicer studio in California, where me and Timmy lived on a packing crate, working on a definitely less crappy painting. Same boombox, same truck. I think Kurt helped me with that upgrade. Such that it was.

I don't think I can say that for very many other things. Maybe someday I'll have a dog agility milestone like that.

We did have a nice 20th Anniversary Of Nirvana Releasing Nevermind Day in Turlock at the dog show.

I ran lots of dogs. Mine, and special guest stars Soja and a very cute little guy named Chico. Dog agility shows, so much funner when you run oodles of dogs. Anyone needs a dog run, I am always happy to oblige.

My own personal dogs were ok. Otterpop tried out the 2 run a day schedule, and had pretty good runs in Gamblers and Grand Prix. Not the best ever, but not crappy shithole runs either. Runs that, if Kurt Cobain had seen then, he would have liked. I think he would have like Otterpop. Or hated her. Otterpop will keep up with this limited edition schedule for the time being, as we figure out, what exactly is it that Otterpop needs?

Gustavo had a freakout meltdown in Grand Prix. He is not ready for teeter totters in the show ring still, apparently. He is sensitive. Perhaps like our dear departed Kurt in this way. Same taste in sweaters, same weird issues in the gut. Meat is like Gustavo's heroin. His meltdown was one of those bad ones involving many tunnels and cuckoo running until I found his leash and threw it down. When Kurt would slam his guitars into the drum kit and pace, it was genius. When Gustavo melts down when performing in the ring, doesn't quite stack up to genius. At least now he lays down on his leash when he sees it and I can contain him that way. Genius! He did pick up a SuperQ in Snooker. Gustavo usually gets either 8 points or a SuperQ in Snooker. He had a good jumpers with a messy bit in the middle where I had to reboot. But, so it goes. Three is enough runs for Gustavo.

But you know what? Gustavo is a survivor. Kurt wasn't. So his work in progress is a bit more in progress than I thought. Rehab is a lengthy process and every day he works his 12 steps toward an ammonia free lifestyle and one day at a time.

Soja ran great in Veterans. She is a grandma dog, and she is a blast to run. Grandma power! I don't think we ran clean in anything, but we Almost Ran Clean. Just the startline drama of getting her barking, uber obedience trained beast-self to stay is exciting. Maybe Soja is like Courtney Love. One bad ass that is never, ever going to stop. Well preserved. In veterans, there is far less damage I can do to her or she can do to herself. The tiny little table seemed to throw her for a loop, though. She didn't skip a beat. Hopped back up and barked her head off at me.

The little guy named Chico was awesome. I've never run him before, but his person was injured and I am always happy to run any dog that will run with me. We had a couple great runs where he zipped around, then he freaked out on the last one and ran away and I had to go and capture him. It was ok. I think he heard me say I loved him and wanted to take him home and he probably thought I was an evil witch and was going to make him ride in a crate with Otterpop then eat him. Maybe he'll run with me again some day. I don't know Chico well enough to know if he likes Nirvana or not.

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Elf said...

It's fun watching you run with all those dogs. You did a nice thing with Gustavo as he wildly circled through obstacles, to do a little spin and down and then go on, completely self-controlled again. And Chico looked so happy running with you! To bad about the last attempt. Maybe if he knew where him Mom was, he'd be happier? Like my Jake would run with other people but he wanted to know where I was.