08 September 2011

Moving pictures from the Regional weekend.

Gustavo is really, really cute.

Otterpop looks sad.
Gustavo looks happy!
Otterpop looks sad again.
Good thing Gustavo looks so happy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Sad... your team is a tim buckley album. but still, what is one without the other? contrast is key. otherwise, we are left with the old teaching that life is suffering.. not sure i'm ready for that one.
the hardest part for me is not letting the sad moments take over the happy ones.
whew! i'd better go do some agility and lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! whatever you're doing with G's diet must be doing wonders. He sure looks like he's having a grand time. And he is unbelievably cute!

Otterpop... hmmm. Women.


manymuddypaws said...

I love the way Gustavo runs- flat out. It's super cute.

Too bad a sad Otterpop. :(

The courses look fun!

Elf said...

Gustavo looks great! It seems to me that telling Pop about the Evil Robots in her first video seemed to help. Or did I misunderstand the motivational chatter?

team small dog said...

Gustavo loves to run! I think he is feeling so much better-no brain ammonia! Otterpop loves to run all out too, so that's why it's so sad when she feels too sad or whatever it is to run fast, it's just not her.

Otterpop loves to stare at the video cameras that the guys have way up high on the robot sticks, like they're birds. It's one of her happy places at dog shows, watching the robots. The video guys were over by the a-frame so I wanted to point the evil robot out to her over the a-frame to make her happy. It did cheer her up a bit!