30 August 2011

Until this day, the stumps were our friends.

Me and my dogs really like to walk in forests. This is one of our best hobbies, that I would say we are really super good champions of. It's pretty easy. Go to the forest, and walk around. Sometimes we run, sometimes I throw sticks and the dogs swim the creek for them, sometimes we just sit there and listen to the quiet trees. Mostly we just walk around, though.

The dogs are totally trained to photoshoot on stumps. I yell, "Hey! Go get on that stump!" and Otterpop leads the charge, and up they go. Another one of our hobbies.

We found a good stump yesterday, a big, deep hollow, burned out hunk of old growth redwood. I told Otterpop to go get on it. Off she went.

Turns out, it was the Stump of Hornets. You know how people say, Madder Enna Hornet? HA! They are mad and if you get on their stump they come bite stinging attacking you. Or in this case, just me and Otterpop.

I yelled, "RUN DOGS RUN!" and we all went running away, me swatting/kicking/wacking hornets off my legs and Otterpop just looking like a crazy dog with crazy legs. The other dogs didn't know why, but they are always happy to run down the forest path.

We ran all the way back up to the Big Hill and poor Otterpop. Otterpop hardly ever looks sad. Maybe on startlines at agility trials. Never ever in a forest. Guess what? Wasp bites make Otterpop very, very sad. Me and sad Otterpop trotted all the way back out of the forest on our stingy bite legs and we will be very particular of photoshooting on any old stump from now on. Just using the ones with no bugs at all, period.


Elf said...

Ohhhhh no poor otterpop and company! That sucks. Hope she's all recovered.

And as a side note, why do people call wasp stings "bites"? It's just a funny thing that I notice and I have always wondered why and Google doesn't have the answer to that.

vici whisner said...

Oh goodness. That just bites. I'm glad you guys are ok, Benedryl spray does work.

:( vici

team small dog said...

We lived. Now they're just itchy. When Otterpop was all sad about it I reminded her that pioneers had this happen to them all the time and no one would carry them out of the forest. They just walked on their stingy bee legs and they weren't walking back to their air conditioned car. Nope. To a desert with a lot more walking ahead of them, not just a mile or two out. So actually, we were very lucky to get attacked in a forest so conveniently located to parking.