17 August 2011

This year, there's no airplane ride for Otterpop.

I didn't send in entries for USDAA Nationals in Kentucky this October. They were due last week. Even though we had so much fun there last year, I think Otterpop would rather fly on a plane to a different locale, one that has less agility competition. She's made it pretty clear that she likes to practice agility, and competing, not so much. We'll still compete around here, she's too good at it to not humor me some of the time. Although we sure would like to go on another airplane trip someday together. Maybe just not to compete.

Will Gustavo ever go to something like Cynosport Games? I have no idea. One day at a time with my little buddy. He's doing some jumpers and Steeplechase coming up at our end of summer trials. Just a little bit. Boy has he been running good, and boy, does he seem healthy. When will be the right time to see if he can do a little bit more in the show ring? Not sure. Maybe never. That's a lot of work for his little brain and funny liver.

I bet this happens to lots of people. You love agility, you work hard at it, but maybe all the pieces don't fit. So when that happens, there's always the option to add on a dog and try again. I think I'm lucky to have the dogs that I do. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything, and the magic number for our team is 3. I think that we're all doing the best that we can and that they're direct reflections of my training. So where does our agility future go from here?

Not sure.


Anonymous said...

Yep, this happens to a lot of people *raises hand*

Sleepy dog pics are the best.


AgilityFoot said...

Gustavo! What a sweet picture.

Jodi, eh? said...

You will be greatly missed in Kentucky this year and when I sit in my chair I will think of you and Otterpop and I will have a fried pork dripping with cheese sandwich in your honour (no I won't actually) and your dogs are adorable and agility isn't as important as love.

team small dog said...

I will miss all my Canadian friends in Kentucky!

Well said, Jodi.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since we teamed up at Nationals. You've been on a great exploratory adventure with your dogs since then and it's wonderful to see you come to the conclusion that "your team" is exactly that, your special team that you wouldn't trade for anything in the world!

Hope you will be at Regionals over Labor Day weekend; it would be great to see you and team small dog!

Beth & Lexi

team small dog said...

We are definitely not giving up agility. I would love to go to Kentucky, and I would love to try and compete at higher levels with my dogs.

If I had the money, I'd probably still take Otterpop to Kentucky just to see what would happen, if our year of working so hard would pay off or not. But I don't have the money, and I suspect no matter how hard we've worked this year, she would still have startline issues. I'll never know.

If I didn't worry about Gustavo's seizures, I'd probably be entering him and working things out more-he's running so great practicing. And if practicing doesn't freak him out, he can practice all he wants. Eventually, if showing doesn't make him freak out, maybe he can trial more. If it does, then he's going to trial less. His health is too important to me.

We will definitely be at the Regionals, we're not quitting competing. Otterpop needs a bunch of pairs Q's to earn a Lifetime Bronze, I'd like to accomplish that with her and keep experimenting with what gets her practice persona into the show ring. So not giving up, but trying to have different goals now. We will still be working hard at being the best we can be.

Elf said...

[raises hand too] and 2 is the magic dog number for me.

Cedarfield said...

My little Zodi is awesome in practice when no one is watching but I might never get her to complete a Novice course in public. I still wouldn't trade her for a million world team hopefuls.