08 August 2011

If life ran on the same rules as Pony Camp, then life would be sparkletastic ponyriffic most of the time, or else a pink glitter ribbon dictatorship.

1. Everybody is friends with everybody at Pony Camp. Even if it f%*king kills you.

2. Everything you do at Pony Camp is with a smile on your face. Even if it f#&king kills you.

3. Always practice good horsemanship. Or dogmanship. Gopher killing ship. Men on ship. Don't abandon ship. Oh, and please excuse yourself before you leave for the porta potty.

4. Always listen to Miss Laura and no one else can talk if Miss Laura is talking.

5. Don't take more than you need. Especially if it's like 3.somethingsomething trillions of dollars for military spending.

5. Don't talk to Miss Laura if she hasn't finished her coffee. She won't tell you what pony you are riding. Look in her coffee cup and check. I am not kidding. If there is still coffee in there. Don't talk to Miss Laura.

6. Don't shave your head and shoulders with a straight razor in a public place. *Not exactly a Pony Camp rule but probably a good rule to abide by, in general.

Team Small Dog, aka Miss Laura's really cute dogs especially Gustavo who is sooo cuuuuteee, Ruby who is nice and Otterpop who is so cute but don't pet Otterpop unless you have a tennis ball she is mean, will be back after Pony Camp. Hopefully.


Anonymous said...

pony camp = agility $$$, right? oh wait, did i ask before you'd finished your coffee? i couldn't see your cup from here...
there are much worse ways to make a buck!

KristineD said...

I can't believe another year has passed and it's pony camp time again.... which reminds me that I've been reading TSD for at least a year.

I've just decided that marking the passage of time is better in TSD years than in birthdays!

andrea said...

have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mary, your sense of humor is on par with Miss Laura's!

Would love to hear a few comments from some of the Pony Camp attendees! I'm sure they're having a blast . . . "No, you go check Miss Laura's coffee cup" . . . "But I have to get really close to her in order to see if there is still coffee", etc.

Beth & Lexi