02 August 2011

The days are already getting shorter and we're always running out of time.

In my spare time, I like scrolling around on google aerial maps, looking for bomb craters near Yucca Flats in the Nevada test site.

If I could have a sabbatical, I'd drive out there, on the alien highway, and set atop Tikaboo Peak for a while, looking for the lights that come out of Area 51. We've seen them before, funny lightning strikes that only strike up there, beyond those mountains.

It would be ok if there were no lights. The dogs could run around out there a good, long while. I would wear sturdy shoes, and protect them from the coyotes. We'd drive up to Tonopah for pancakes, and visit the uranium mines. I'd wish I owned my very own hazmat suit.

Summer vacation should always be so grand.

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Anonymous said...

funnily, my first reaction to your photo on fb was "basking in the glow of a nuclear blast..."