31 August 2011

Arm tucking your small dog.

Photo credit: Rob the cool professor Michalski caught this shot of me sending him voodoo. I am talking to one of my small dog peoples, Yukari, who has a 12" dog and we are totally wearing the same outfit.

I'm not usually much of a dog carrier. Sometimes though at trials, if there are a bunch of big dogs and big people walking around in a crowded area, I do pick up my little dogs so they don't get smooshed. My dogs tend to squirm and wiggle and want to get DOWN. NOW. So that's where they stay most of the time.

These are things you do not know about, border collie people. Us small dog folk, we do not all tote around our dogs under our arms.

Photo credit: Crap. Not sure. Who took this, and thanks? I think we're on a startline. Otterpop is making sad ears. She looked like this when the hornets got her.

I've tried those little dog starts with Otterpop, where you sort of toss them down on the line like you are throwing the bowling ball into the crowded theater. Otterpop is insulted. Not a goddamn bowling ball. Gustavo has always done a leadout, and this sure does make our life easier. Otterpop does these when we practice sometimes, but I miss her too much at dog shows to get so far away.

Me and Otterpop, we've tried just about every startline trick imaginable, and still haven't found the one that soothes her sad hornet face worries.

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