14 July 2011

What is it that you want, Otterpop?

Otterpop is having a big agility week. A practice on Sunday. A practice on Monday. Power Paws class on Tuesday. Dirt Nite on Wednesday. When you watch her practice, you think: Wow. No there's a dog who likes agility. She is running really, really fast. Turning really, really tight. Otterpop, wow. Maybe missing an occasional dogwalk contact. But running about as fast as Otterpop can run. We've been practicing running off the start like rockets and running the course as fast as we can. Both of us. ROCKETS.

She is going to run a bit in the trial this weekend. Not sure how much, yet. We are trying to channel the rockets, Otterpop. ROCKETS. Rockets to the moon. To the frisbee. To the water tub. Bring back the rockets, Otterpop. The ROCKETS. Otterpop. Hey, Otterpop.


Anonymous said...

do those thingies over G's head mean he is thinking in geometric designs like maybe the way the dali lama thinks all the time? as if i know what the dali lama thinks... but G might.

team small dog said...

I didn't know that's how the dali lama thinks, but it definitely might be how G thinks!