16 June 2011

Just Wearing What? JWW and Gustavo's upcoming introduction to AKC agility.

You know, I haven't told Gustavo his brain is affected ammonialy hepatatic encephalapthetically due to his microvascular weirdo mitten thumbed all over the place liver. I just mostly tell him stuff like how awesome he is. And that he's going in an AKC trial this weekend.

Without the other dogs. That's right. No Otterpop, no Ruby. They're going to wait in the car. Gustavo is the only member of Team Small Dog who is now a card carrying member of the American Kennel Club.

We are going to test those AKC waters on Sunday in Novice A JWW and Novice A Standard. Yep. We are now someone who who abbreviates JWW. Jesus Wearing Wetsuit. Jehovah's Witness Waterboarding. Jelly With Worms. Just What Wiggles.

I doubt we'll do enough AKC to ever worry about it's holy grail, Double Q. I think you are supposed to make flickering jazz hand fingers by your eyeballs when you say that. Double QQQQQQQ. We're just all about the in AKC, good enough to be ON the table, no laying down required. Gustavo. Just get up there and don't get underneath! Let's make AKC a vortex free zone!

Whatever Gustavo wants to make of this is ok by me. I am trying to be of the zero expectation minset with him from now on. If he can't run to his leash and lay down before running out of the ring, who the heck cares? If he pops out of his weave poles like he was on Monday in practice because I placed his inexplicably exciting new best friend frisbee at the end of them, so be it. For Gustavo, that's a good problem to have. Good god, he's playing with a toy near agility equipment. And good god, it's helping me re-create problems we have in trials. No surprises anymore from him, no expectations. We are all about in the moment.

I just want to get him in more rings for little baby short days, and see if he can have as good of time at a trial as he has practicing. Zero stress, we are just going to be party people. Novice ring of the AKC trial, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Gustavo!


Elf said...

Concentrate, Gustavo! Overcome the brain freeze! No getting on the agility freeway in the wrong direction!

Amy Carlson said...

Have FUN Gustavo! Show them breed dogs how it's done! You'll rock! And if you have a time like Spur, the nice AKC judge will tell your mom not to look in her suitcase later in the day, cuz she might have YOU in there!!!

GooseMaverick said...

You watch, you are gonna be all like, AKC is so much fun, novice level people are so friendly to each other, what an awesome trial, what pole setting skills that girl has, what lovely weather for the trial...

I'll be there all day pole setting and course building and am looking forward to seeing you run with the Big G!

You know - I'm an AKC person as I do breed stuff - I just spent 4 days at an AKC conformation show and took a nap with my dog in her crate, then had to crawl out with a dress on in front of a bunch of people, hopefully no free under wear shots.

At least we AKC folks don't make you wear nylons and dresses and shiny suit coats to agility!

Amanda said...

Sounds fun! I hope you and Goo have a great time.

Maura Warnecke said...

Good luck Gustavo! You should come try out Teacup Agility too next month in Vacaville!!! It's all kinds of fun! Or CPE where there are no refusals, back-weaving is A-OK and you don't have to run clean! Soooo much fun and no stress;)

team small dog said...

I don't know that we'll try the teacup agility, but I may bring Gustavo over for the CPE in Morgan Hill, at least for one or two classes. USDAA definitely is my favorite kind of agility, but the more rings he gets into, for just a run or two, on more equipment, I think the better.

It should definitely be a novel concept to have him out there on a novice course. This will be very interesting to say the least. He is going on 6 days seizure free, so we are hoping his brain is clearing up and ready to think freely!

Cedarfield said...

I can't wait to hear your impressions of running an AKC Novice course.