07 June 2011

Forest Ranger, Bright Lily and Frost.

A guy named Dave is painting our house. He doesn't exactly get me, there are subjects where we don't see eye to eye. Apparently it's uncommon to have the homeowner specify the exact same bright orangey yellow as the double yellow line on the highway as one of the colors. He suggested Lemongrass, or in a bold move, Bravado. When I held up my bright orange brush, he countered with a handful of colors named after places where Kennedys brunch on the vineyard.

The thing with Double Yellow Line, it really makes black dogs pop.

We had a nice practice in the sun yesterday. Gustavo had no fear of the teeter totter, and handled it with great speed and ease, even with me at quite a distance from it. He could do no wrong in his poles, and on the couple of hard entrances he missed, fearlessly came around and threw himself back in with gusto.

I was successful in freaking him out though, by having him do a set of 6 poles. The horror. I had set up a little euro jump drill, and thought, why not stick in those? Especially if he does still try a class or 2 at the AKC he's entered in a couple weeks from now, I have heard in Novice they favor 6 poles. Poor buddy. A training hole. He would get to the 6th pole and slam on the brakes. Look baffled. As if hallucinating. Like he lost the other poles.

I didn't mean to screw around with what he sees, it just happened that way. Ammonia particles floating across his brain or just poor training? Maybe a little of both. Easily fixed though, be rebooting with a little game of frisbee across the grass.

In our short debate about hue and value, I said to Dave, it's not really a matter of dark or light. I think I just see things different. Not much he could say to that. He scratched his beard, and will have figure out a way to get that color to work. Tint the primer, or go with the more expensive paint. Not the end of the world to have someone see it different. Just gotta figure out how to make it work.


Anonymous said...

if the colors of my macbook are to be believed, double yellow line yellow is an awesome color!

Elayne said...

That's pretty close to the color we painted our kitchen . I love it but maybe I'm not the best person to go by.

Paul Anderson said...

That yellow sounds great, we need to see a picture of your house when it is done

team small dog said...

I have a macbook too, so colors are probably pretty close. Just look at the double yellow line next time you drive down the highway, that's it!

Looks great in the kitchen Elayne-now you can't do any burning, the soot would smudge it up!