14 June 2011

Double yellow line orangey yellow-the new black that looks really good with black.

If you need a good house painter that doesn't charge too much, let me know. I will give you Dave's number. He and his guys did an awesome job, and wow, were they fast.

I will warn you though, he might try to talk you out of your color choices. Especially if you have black dogs. Apparently, Double Yellow Line Orangey Yellow is a contraband color in the house painting world. And it's rare for people to pick a color based on how nice it looks behind their dogs.

Dave says he learned a long time ago, though, that when a lady stands her ground on the color choice, he's got to back off. Smart call, Dave. Team Small Dog lives here. Viva black dogs! We gots to show them off and we needs brilliance and fabulosity to do so.

Our house may not have any room for agility equipment, but at least it's now the cutest one on the street. No more spooky ghosty peely haunted house vibe. Just bright!


Kelly said...

Love the colours! And team small dog look fabulous against the yellow - good choice.

maryclover said...

Beautiful and very black dog conducive.

Jodi, eh? said...

Looks super and I bet it makes the dogs enter the house in single file with polite passing on the left...very smart indeed.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

What other reasons could there be to pick a color for a house

Amanda said...

It's beautiful! I like your colors.