23 May 2011

The Basic Rules of Gambling for High Rolling Dogs.

Do you know Jim? Jim is our go-to guy for learning how to gamble with the dogs.

He illuminates us with philosophical advice. Gambling has some existential problems related to finding one's dog's best line. Sometimes it's the existential issues in agility that really get to Mary. I think she is weeping here because of the straight lines and front cross.

Basically, you have to set the line. All the time. Jim helps us find lines and how to get there. Lines are clear choices, and choices have to made by individuals.

I think it was Nietzsche who said that one didn't have to have a geometry based handling system to do well in Gamblers. Kierkegaard was the one who said you could follow a handling system but go ahead and break the rules. The rules and boundaries of freedom can cause a lot of angst in the dog agility world.

Also Jim helps us prevent Gamble Toe. A distant cousin to Camel Toe. Looks painful, doesn't it? I really don't know what we'd do without Jim.

Probably strike a lot more poses like this one. Oh my. Not a good gamble pose for my dogs.

Not much better here. This was where I blew Gustavo's mind for the rest of the day with too much crappy handling. You just can't do that to poor Gustavo. Otterpop had to take over and do all the rest of the gambles. She did great. She is working on becoming a Jedi Master of Gambles. I think that means she uses the Force. Or Gandalf. Or Book of Mormon. Which I can cancel out by using Statue of Liberty arm in a heartbeat.

Too much Statue of Liberty and not enough Chief Crazy Horse of South Dakota and Father Serra of Highway 280 near the Turnoff to San Francisco Airport can make the difference of a send working or not. Crazy Horse and Father Serra, as important to gamblers as Nietzsche and Kierkegaard.

We ran and ran and ran all day. Here are some handlers contemplating what is right and wrong in a world of moral chaos.

Jim would probably sum it up best by advising us to not have a spasming Herman Munster moment of panic when the whistle blows out there on the agility field and keeping one's self together for knowing when to hold them, and when to fold them. Thanks, Jim!


Jodi, eh? said...

Thank you for unfolding the mistery world of gambling, which Canadians are known for except for me and 2Do and I am torn because I can't decide if I would rather a gamblin' toe or camel toe, neither is ideal, really.

Elf said...

I am wiping away tears of laughter. And I can always use that much laughter in my life. Plus it reaffirmed everything I believed I knew about gambling, which is mainly, don't knock the bars or you'll never get gamble Qs no matter even if you're doing father serra BOOST, not to mention names.