26 April 2011

Gustavo's evolution/devolution/revolution at the dog show

The dog show started with awesomeness.

Many sets of weave poles
Many teeter totters
Many regular laying down until released startlines
Many running contacts
Many moments of listening to me, the human, and not any invisible to humans motherships
Many runs ended by running and finding leash
Laying down on the table until the happy number five and go ok.

Then it started to go a bit weirdish.

The other side of the tunnel
Feral blindcross behind to seek out a tunnel
I see a tunnel there is a tunnel and I am in the tunnel

Then it started to spiral down.

A sticker touching one's weenie little foot and making sadness upon sticker touching startline of footy wooty stickerness WAIT is that a tiny penguin there I see wait I am laying here oh wait focus ok go

And down.

Cannot wait untik she says OK to run away from the table, hear sound of five and go and go
One is self releasing one's table then freaking out over adjacent weave poles and teeter totter and then there were tunnels and oh my god oh my god oh my god teeter oh my god the poles so many brave white sticks in a row in a row which one which one which one just go
Hit the bar and then oh my god it touched me and it touched me and then feral running away and running in circles and feral running of bar touching one's skin touching it then it is confusing because the jumps are in circles and there are a hundred of them and she is calling me and then oh my god

And down.

Do not lay me down there where the stickers was before the sticker touched my weenie foot there and you want me to lay there now because no the sticker it touched me and there is no laying and then no way to do the running around dog agility due to something touching one's skin
Dogs they are near the xpen and then one is shaking and shaking and shaking it is border collies it has toys and one is shaking and shaking and shaking and shaking

Then it got better.

Simple feral blindcross behind me to get in the tunnel.
Listening. Turning. Running. Finishing.

Then we played frisbee on the field for a while and went home.


Anonymous said...

Poetry, with art. I think things ended on a good note? I'm glad.


Elf said...

Inside the dog brain. Hard place to get, hard place to be. Even for a dog, sometimes.

Jodi, eh? said...

I was in a bad mood when I came home, looked at your blog, saw the awesomeness of your drawing and now I feel better.
Thank you.

Jodi, eh? said...

I just have to say that this drawing is my favouritist of all drawings ever drawn anywhere.

team small dog said...

I don't think I accurately captured the completely insane look in his eye and his tiny, panty tongue when he does this. Gustavo is hard to draw. Otterpop is easy. Ruby doesn't really like me to draw her.

Jodi, eh? said...

I think it is the way his legs disappear into scratchy agitated lines from a lovely rendered Gooey up top. The boogey men underneath the table are also a hit for me.