14 April 2011

Dirt Nite in the new ride.

OK. We love love love our car. In counting the ways I love BFF fancy Jetta car, I am at like five hundred by now. Like the way the little red lights come on all over the interior at night and you feel like you're driving thru a satanic demon star constellation. The rain pitter pattering on the ginormous sunroof which doesn't even leak. Heated seats for driving home from a hard night of freezing cold agility. How it has not just one speaker like the Honda had, but speakers all over the place for blasting out ipod music. How it holds 4 bags of grain as well as 3 dog crates and 4 pairs of shoes and 3 frisbees. And how it drives like a race car to Dirt Nite when I'm late. Speedy. Touch the gas and VROOM.

One of my favorite agility students printed out little DIESEL stickers for me to put on the gas cap. Thanks Teresa! Went out and put them on right away. Still don't need gas, hell, after driving all week all over the place, still not even to a quarter tank! But now I will never forget when I finally make it to the diesel pump. And I got a new Dirt Nite parking spot. Where BFF fancy Jetta won't get damaged by wayward agility equipment being pulled out of the trailer. No spring loaded tire legs or cricketdy carts full of jumps wacking it's sparkly platinum gray paint job.

I think our lack of practicing showed last night. My dogs were just not totally there. Gustavo plain old checked out a couple times, something he hasn't done in a long while. He had a flakey night. Otterpop went missing a couple places when my friend Dee was running her. I hope having such a fancy car hasn't gone to their heads. I may have mentioned to them once or twice that it's a movie star car. So they want million dollar wages now? Did they think I meant go all Diva on me?

I suspect it's more related to my paying more attention to cars for the last couple weeks than I did to them. Fancy car or not, they don't much like change. Otterpop has been extra wound up and volatile, not very pleasant to be around. Gustavo kind of wired and screamy. Can't put my finger on it, but those two just seem a little bit off. Maybe I didn't pick the car of their dreams.

Ruby though, of course is perfect. She always endures. She loves the new car just as much as I. And has thanked me profusely for giving her her very own Otterpop-free crate in the new car, as well as getting her a shorter car that she can get in and out of more easily.

We have a lot of practice to do this week. Trials are coming up and it's been ages since we've competed. Last night was not a promising preview. We will work hard this week, and make sure to have lots of fun. With now extra added fun just getting there.

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