11 March 2011

The time Team Small Dog visited the tsunami.

When we got the tsunami warning first thing in the morning, at first we were all, whatever. They always warn us, and then it never actually does anything. We were very sad about the devestation in Japan, and hope that all of our agility pals in Japan are safe and on high ground.

Upon hearing the warning, some people drove all the way up the mountain. Complete mountain traffic freakout gridlock! Not taking any chances. Not even going part way up the mountain. All the way to the top. Not us. No way was I going to miss the tsunami. But I headed to where I could watch it from the cliff. Which took some explaining to the dogs. Who do not like boring cliffs. They like to be down on the beach where the running is.

No one was down on the beach today. After watching for a few minutes, I could see why. The water would suck back way past where the lowest tides go. Then giant sets would roll in from across the horizon, and all of a sudden, waves would pump back up to the high tide line. Within 15 minutes, the water was all back up. There was no way to tell what exactly was going to happen.

I couldn't tear myself away and was late to work from my tsunami gawking. It was one of the freakiest things I've ever seen.

The dogs, not so enamored with tsunami watching. Not at all. No fun being up above the beach on the cliff, parked on a bench. When the beach is just Right There. Right There. Come on. Just take us down there. Duh! To the beach! Right there.

I'm all, "You GUYS! Tsunami! Stranger danger! Rogue currents sucking little dogs out to sea!"

Otterpop just glared at me at me. Gustavo tried to climb under the cliff fence. Ruby looked bored and sighed one of those sighs. And then finally we were very late for work and that was the end of their trip to the tsunami.


Anonymous said...

i think the fact that there are no comments on your tsunami viewing is a good thing. you would have gotten a gazillion comments if it had sucked the team out to sea...

Sophia said...

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