07 March 2011

Team Small Dog takes a rainy day walk with their pals which should teach all of us a lesson about how dog agility totally keeps us out of jail.

It was too rainy for us to practice yesterday, so my agility pals Mary and Ashley said, let's take the dogs for a nice rainy day walk! So there was Ariel, Rocket, Gustavo, Ruby, Otterpop, Luka and Dash. Who were lovely here, lining up on the bench in a freezing cold wind so we could count them.

Taking a walk with me sometimes ends up sort of like my agility. Like doesn't always go quite as planned. Can be a bit of a bumpy ride. Safety gear is recommended.

But as long as everyone can line up on that log without any major damage to any parties involved, at the end of it you still can say you had a good time.

We decided to go somewhere we've never walked before. Took a few different routes.

This way led to the Area 51 of the Santa Cruz mountains. If you need to know where to land the mothership, we can now give you detailed directions.

There was much dog swimming and duck chasing. It was a good day to be a dog.

Then we decided to walk up the mountain instead of just around the reservoir.

Was a nice, scenic walk for us mild mannered dog agility folk.

Took some scenic vista shots with the dogs.

This is the scenic view overlooking a major state highway. And a fancy electrical tower.

We walked up to the top of the mountain and then meandered our way back down. Maybe hiked a few miles, the dogs all loved running around in the mud. Gustavo and Dashy spent most of the time on their forest running ropes, just because. Because they are Gustavo and Dashy.

Just at the bottom of the hill, right when we were coming round the bend to the car park, guess who we ran into?

Ranger officer cops. There was a good cop, and a bad cop. The dogs performed tricks. But the problem being, only some of the dogs on leashes, and on this hill, with it's scenic vistas of freeway views, some wasn't enough. All dogs required to be leashed up.

There was groveling. Negotiating. Reasoning. You know how well all that goes over with cops.

The bad cop cut a deal and doled out one ticket for the whole group. Our favorite Saint Mary took the hit, not wanting to get me thrown in the pokey, what with my record and all. Although we almost went to blows over this. And Officer Ranger Perez and I probably are not going to ever hang out and get coffee together.

But here's the thing, the lesson learned of this tale told. See if you find the irony here. Gustavo and Dash spent the entire walk on their forest running leashes. If you know Gustavo and Dash, you probably know why. Just because. And that would make them the good and model citizens in the eyes of the government.

Aerial, Rocket, Luka, Otterpop and Ruby, demonstrators of reliable recalls and off leash voice control, ambassadors of good dog hiking, are the bad guy offenders in the eyes of the court. Law breakers, all of them. Guilty of having good manners.

Wrap your brains around that one, kittens, take a couple vicodans, and leash up your good dogs.


Cedarfield said...

Well, at least you had a nice time up until the fun police arrived.

Lisa said...

Next time give the cops a fake name. Who carries ID when they hike?

team small dog said...

Here is a thing I have learned of law enforcement. It is a VERY BAD THING to give a cop a fake name.

Unknown said...

"Team Small Dog" is correct about give a false name to the fuzz. It didn't go so well when comedian Ron White fessed up with the name "Tater Salad" that one little time. Although it did give him some good material!

Elf said...

I know, the rules make you crazy sometimes. Er, make me crazy. OK, all of us. Mary, you are a true friend.

OBay Shelties said...

When I read about people getting tickets for well behaved dogs getting exercise...makes me glad I don't live in the US anymmore! New York was even worse. Why don't they worry about more important things! Damn

Anonymous said...

Ah the site of that conspicuously marked 4WD... Sends shivers down my spine.

Dog backpacks said...

that is quite an experience..