01 March 2011

Otterpop's Gamble of the week-Do the poles twice and you don't have to think about the oil.

Otterpop has various things to gamble on this week. Like, how much oil is left in Saudi Arabia and should we be freaking out about the fact we do not have the ability to grow our own food in our agility driveway yet?

Was James Franco super stoned at the Oscars, or is he just the same old James Franco as he was back in the day when he was an art student in my digital media class and enjoyed napping at inappropriate times?

If a bubble forms in the universe due to higher inflatron vacuum energy areas in others, when the light gets disrupted as it's moving at light speed, does this cause cosmic microwave quantum jitters?

Otterpop doesn't know if she should put her money where her mouth is. Although she doesn't have any money to throw down anyways. Because she's a dog. You know what helps us not think about the structure of the universe, and our shift towards an oilless and incomeless anarchy state populated by made in China addicted James Franco fans?

Really hard dog agility gambles.

I thought it was hard at least. Another one added to Otterpop's database.

She has to come in over the line, do a teeter to a jump, turn right and do her most dreaded, soft side pole entrance on an angle, jump, jump, left turn back to those poles.

Otterpop is relentlessly aweome. She got it right away. I didn't even have to yell in German. Although I should have. One of the languages of the falling Euro. Or Arabic. A better language for gambling in right now.

Some helpful hints Otterpop would like you to consider before attempting:

Make sure you are way off the line when you send to the teeter, so you can get in a bit of a rear cross to jump 2. Otterpop turned right on her own, and because I was standing in the right place, an OUT POLES worked to get her in the poles correctly. She had to work hard to hit that entrance. It's not her favorite, when she blasts in at that angle at high speed she sometimes thinks it a bit more convenient to just start with pole 3 or so. Before we started I told her she could have some of Gustavo's chicken. Horrible, factory farmed, chicken in some kind of corn based sugar sauce that was probably trucked in on massive diesel trucks to my neighborhood corporate food peddler of huge wastefulness. But that helps Gustavo feel the love for the teeter totter and hit his own pole entrances.

If you do your fast running while your dog is in the number 3 poles, you'll be in a good place for the nice straight line through the jumps, and also staying in shape for a future involving a lot of walking when the oil doesn't come across the ocean any longer. Bye, oil. It was nice knowing you. Boy is going to be a long walk to dog agility practices.

Make sure to stop for jump 5, and so you can get that nice left turn for back into the poles. Hold that pressure steady, so you don't get a repeat performance over jump 4.

Tricky, right?


Anonymous said...

Franco = perpetually stoned.

Kathleen said...

Whoa! That IS a hard Gamble! The mural is looking great, BTW. LOVE the dogs! :-)

team small dog said...

Slowly but surely, someday that will be a whole mural! I am glad the dogs have begun to make an appearance! It sure is fun to sit in there and paint. Except when it's freezing I have to stop when my hands turn into ice and I can't hold on to the paintbrush any longer.

Kathleen said...

Yikes! Don't torture yourself! There is no big hurry to get it done. Especially at the risk of losing a pointy finger or two to frostbite.....