07 February 2011

Superbowl of dog agility practice.

It was some game weather, up there at PowerPaws. Temperatures in the 70's and a bit of a breeze. Good thing some of the players wore shorts.

Mary's on the 2nd Down line here. There was a whistle blown here, so she had to go to the 3rd Down on this one.

Ash and Dash look like they're headed for the touchdown line. Yes. Indeed. TOUCHDOWN!

And Mary perfectly executed the backside push here, so the game is tied. TOUCHDOWN!

Half time show. Interpretive dance channeling Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. Nice humps.

And then it was the Doritos commericial. I loved the one with the Serp. If marketing execs are going to shove chemically altered genetically modified corn stuffs, there might as well be a Serp in the ad.

And then there was another Doritos commercial. Serps. We just never get tired of them. Dash looked really cute and fluffy in this one.

And then the rest of the game, and, oh wait. ANOTHER DORITOS commercial. Serpentines for Doritos! Then we lost track of the score, I guess it was a tie. Hope you all enjoyed the Superbowl as much as we did.


Anonymous said...

eerily like my superbowl, with serps. but at my superbowl, it was too cold for commercials, although we did have some nice rdws and rafs. when snow is in the forecast, you have to multi-task. definitely no shorts. actually, long undies top and bottom and zip t necks made of expensive super fabrics. still, similar...

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful view from the field. Quite the crowd as well! ;)

maryclover said...

What?!? No beach? How you must suffer when you train. Oh, did I tell you it's snowing again in Chicago. Thankfully I'm on my way to dirt night in Indiana with Kelly and the G-Unit. Have you experienced dirt night with snow covered paws? It's a treat. Wish you were here.

team small dog said...

I bet there were a lot of dog agility superbowls going on yesterday!

Yes the crowds were going wild! All 3 of us!

Everyone should come visit our Dirt Nite in the regular, snow-free dirt! This seems like a far drive, from Chicago to Indiana. We saw the cars stuck in the snow on tv in Chicago! Stay warm Mary C. and say hi to Kelly!

Mary S., you are looking fine doing your Doritos commercials! And Fergie dancing!

maryclover said...

L, Indiana from Chicago is kinda like you driving over the mountain. It sounds a lot farther than it is. Although in the snow it wasn't a fun drive, but the course was really fun. It took all my I-will-one-day-be-a-champion skills to conquer it. Kelly says hi.