11 February 2011

Otterpop's Gamble of the week-If you Point at it, Ima Gonna Go In.

So when we do a gamble in class, we always do it at the very end, right before it's time to pack up all the stuff and drag it back to the trailer and go home. To eat pizza and advil and grapefruit juice for dinner at 10:30 at night. So it has to be one that's a challenge, yet not such a challenge that everyone is going to need 20 tries to get it, thus delaying the gourmet cuisine waiting at home.

So when Rob is all, Laura, YOU make the gamble, because I'm the one hopping up and down next to him, all, CAN WE DO A GAMBLE CAN WE DO A GAMBLE WE DO A GAMBLE, the only ones I could see out there are my hairbrained nightmare ones, the kind I use to program Otterpop's database, which have to be really, really hard and cause us many pickles and problems until I find the secret decoder for it.

I suggested one.

Rob's all, Uh, no.

I won't even try to explain how I thought I would get Otterpop to do it. It's hazy now.

Then he came up with this one. Genius.

Because it's actually VERY EASY! IF. If if if if if. You do it right.

The gamble is: Into the tunnel, weaves, straight ahead to a jump, turn left and 2 off set jumps. Go set it up and give it a try. Do not skip ahead to the secret. Unless you're like me and super lazy, and you're actually going to just go to the beach instead.

Did you try it? Wanna know the 2 secrets?

Secret Number One: Don't point straight at the tunnel and say OUT TUNNEL like I did my first try. Because I am demented and easily flummoxed and then I took a do-over.

Real Secret Number One: Stay quite lateral, off those poles. Don't go near 'em. Because you can drive in towards Jump 3, and your dog just thinks it's a rear cross, and automatically turns left. Easy peasy. I did this with Soja, who I have no idea what her directionals are, and didn't have to worry about the turn. Otterpop has a nice tight "Turn", which I used along with the rear cross but I probably didn't even need to do that.

Secret Number Two: Don't worry about Jump 4 to 5. Do not panic. Work jump 4. You need a lot of pressure out there and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT move towards jump 5. STAY! Just wait for your dog to jump over 4, then get a move on. They'll jump it. I am sure of it.

Actually, I won't give you a money back guarantee. You are getting this stellar advice for FREE. But I think if you follow it, you will be pleased.

Happy gambling. Don't lose your shirt!

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