02 February 2011

It's negative 40 degrees in Antarctica and maybe at your house, here, last night it got a bit chilly and I put on a sweater.

My mouth was sore and full of stitches so we stayed home from agility last night.

We never hang out at home on Tuesday night. There was a show on with baby Antarctica penguins and spiders who let their young eat them alive. The penguins were really cute and all, total miracle of sub zero evolution, but mostly it made me incredibly glad that I am not a penguin.

I didn't even think about being glad I'm not a spider. Because it seems entirely plausible to me that there's a chance I could be a penguin, but a spider?

Right. Like I'd ever be a spider.

Usually I don't even watch those nature shows because the lion always takes out something hoofed.

An esteemed Chinese periodontist has recently jammed a screw into my gum bone. Face bone. Lip bone. I don't need to see a wildabest go down in a fell swoop of bloody claw.

We'll try some agility tonight. The dogs really didn't seem to care either way.


Jodi, eh? said...

I figure we must be soul-sisters cuz I saw that show in Canada a few nights ago (I had to shut it off when the lion was about to kill the cubs because he wanted to start his own family and doesn't tolerate step-cubs) and I am about to embark on getting an implant but keep cancelling my appointment thinking that maybe if the dentist just files 2 good teeth down to little stumps and hangs the new crown on them, it will hurt less. Please advise.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, Laura, and feel better. Your three little ones look so sweet snoozing with you!

Beth & Lexi

team small dog said...

I switched to the real estate channel at the wildabeast part. They were buying gated, beachfront property in the Dominican Republic. And to think I could have been working on decel.

I had the option of filing down perfectly good teeth to stumps too! For way less money! I picked the far more expensive and time consuming implant because I enjoy eating apples and have this vampire issue, and I had it for a few years and then the bone graft went rogue and started attacking my other bones who were just sitting there minding their own business and I got switched to the special, fancy dentist far away and here I am.

I will say, those amnesia drugs, very helpful. I did not have them the first time round and the fancy dentist is VERY careful to use them all the time on me.

I think there's a note in my chart. "Knock her out, always. Don't ask why. Just do it."

Not everyone is lucky enough to get the extra added gum grafts with mouth stitches! That's because I'm on the second round due to my bone gone bad.

If you could fly to San Jose, CA and get Dr. Kao to do your implant, you would be very happy. He takes credit cards and always looks like he's about to go golfing and if you ask for more amnesia syrup, just pours it into a cup and down the gullet it goes. He's the best fancy dentist ever. If I wasn't paying him so much money already I'd totally get him a really good present. Maybe an Otterpop shirt.

Maybe I'll give him one anyways. It's sort of golf wear.

Jodi, eh? said...

I also enjoy eating apples and am wearing 2 sweaters. My fancy,expensive Canadian dentist wants to do a bone graft and at first they suggested taking it from my hip. Now it is no longer necessary and they can get it from elsewhere??? I wonder where that may be. I wonder if that elsewhere will attack my other mind their own business bones in the future. Thank you for your professional and slightly stoned perspective.

team small dog said...

My bone came from cadavers! Apparently the first one was a zombie cadaver, but the second one, just the regular kind. Make sure your dentist is not using zombie cadavers!

No pain killers this am-not stoned!

Hi Beth and Lexi!

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

That pup looks so snuggly in that sweater.

Elf said...

Is this esteemed periodontist in cupertino by any chance? Who said that my missing tooth is kind of in a messy and expensive place and he can't recommend an implant for?

Elf said...

Oh, you did say his name! Yeah, Dr. Kao! He seemed to know what he was talking about. I have also opted to not have perfectly good teeth filed down to nothing so that I could have fake teeth applied to them. But I'm in luck because my missing tooth is (A) out of sight of most people and yet (B) not critical to my being able to chew.

Elf said...

And who, by the way, is pronounced Dr. Gow per my dentist who works about 100 feet away and so I thought he was recommending him because he was convenient but apparently not.

team small dog said...

Yes, Dr. Kao is DA MAN! If he can't stick a bionic tooth in there, nobody can.

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