03 January 2011

Super cute footwear to weather climate change, and that dog ladies all love.

Maybe you are looking at this picture and you are thinking to yourself, CATCH HIM! CATCH HIM! Quick! He is within grab distance right there NOW!

But here is the clue that he is not about to bolt and run away off a steep cliff to a sea cave or mobile home park. He is looking at the camera. If he acknowledges my presence via eyeball contact, we are all good. It's the days when he is on remote hookup to the mothership there is no human eye contact allowed that he has to stay on the rope.

What he actually may be looking at is my super best most favorite, fabulous Christmas present. And I'm not talking about my stripper pole. What do you get your dog lady wife who has it all? This year for Chrstmas, Gary got me super tall, skinny, green rubber boots.

What this says about me, the 2011 me, that my favorite present is a pair of green rubber boots, I'm not sure. And what it says about my husband that he goes out and gets me tall, skinny, green rubber boots for Christmas, perhaps scarier.

Perhaps we move on from this and do not think about.

But Gary says these are the KIND. Everyone who's anyone has this kind, and they do let me walk in swampy pondwater that goes just up to my knees. Fun for the whole family! They say HUNTER across the front and have little buckles on the side, in case you want the KIND.

Ruby prefers to just skirt the edge of deep swamp water where possible. She can go off walking with us, for short walks anyways, and looks pretty good. Except for when we walked up a hill today. That was a bad idea for Ruby and she went all limpy. So back down the hill we all went, back to the car.

She could be faking. She can be crafty, and she does like her pain meds. Her fave neuro receptor pain drug comes delivered in a ball of cheese. And her trusty, mega dose of metacam is delish served up on a dog treat. Did she figure out on her own to go gimpy again for a fast trip home for meds?

I'm watching you Ruby.

Hopefully my beautiful Ruby isn't becoming a crack whore. Mucking about the edges of the swamp pond at a very slow pace seems to agree with her. She walks pretty good most of the time now. Just not always.

Otterpop does not muck about the edges. She runs. She swims. And then has to dive under to get the things I throw that sink. And it's freezing. And filthy. And she found big blobs of coyote poop to roll in. Which means a walk back to the pond for the oh-so-popular diving for woodchips game.

They are all wet and muddy most of the time. As is the inside of my car, and much of my house. Someday, it will be summer again. Unless climate change dictates, not. In that case, though, my footwear choice, spot on.


vici whisner said...

Photos of the footwear please!!!

team small dog said...

Scroll down a bit and there is a photo of me squatting attractively in the backyard with the team and there they are in their green rubber glory.

maryclover said...

Hunter is all the rage especially in the big city where there are no swamps and no real reason for fashionable skinny girls to don them. Well played, hubby, well played.

Jodi, eh? said...

I've got the Canadian version, lined with felt. A dog-girl's best friend.

Elf said...

One year (when I was married) my spousal unit gave me some high green rubber boots. They were perfect! Pathetic dog ladies, out mucking aorund in the mud all the time, in their happy christmas rubber boots! Hope Ruby's not sore so much in the future. :-(