01 December 2010

Crate rest.

Ruby's improved, but she is still obviously painful on that leg. We should have gone out to run on the beach or practice or something this morning, but I sure hate leaving Ruby home. So I guess we all take a bit of crate rest this week.

That's not so great for our champion skills. The laundry list of things I need to practice is expanding by the minute. By the second. The harder that I work on being a champion, the more I realize how little I know. Our collective Team Small Dog wheels were falling off in our class with Nancy last night.

Ruby still got to come with us though. I wrapped her up in her warmest coat, and carried her out to the car for our drive over the mountain and back in the dark. She liked this. We hope she walks better tomorrow.

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Chris and Ricky said...

Getting caught up on your blog and just saw this about Ruby. Hope she feels better soon! And I agree with others, you can never really know what happened - don't blame yourself!