18 November 2010

Battle of the serps.

Dirt Nite has become one big serp off.

First, we hunt them down. Sometimes they're in unexpected places. They could be lurking anywhere. But they are never, ever, in straight lines.

Oh, Look! There's one now!

Then there's the fightin' words.

"Well, you could only do that one if you could run REALLY fast."

"Yeah, well sure it's a serp but you'd have to run REALLY fast to make it work."

And then off we go. We are some fast runners at Dirt Nite. Although I couldn't do the super extra cool double serp. I hate that.

Also, did you know that Drag Queens are a dog agility term? It's the new thing.

Also, Gustavo did a whole bunch of totally normal, stress free tables. He's so weird.

Also, Otterpop forgot how to do weave poles. I think she may be overserped and needs a vacation. One vacation, coming up. Because Dirt Nite is shut until January.


delilahbowie said...

The only thing I hate more than serpentines are threadles. Just sayin'.

team small dog said...

Embrace the serp! Embrace the threadle! These are things to Love-not Hate!

Steve said...

Lovin' me some serps and threadles!

I've got to know: how are Drag Queens part of agility??

team small dog said...

When you really have to pull your dog with your shoulder, you create drag. If you have a tricky bit, where you can hold that dog there, on say, the right arm, then redirect with your arm change in the nick of time (like say you're threadling/serping through the middle of a tricky bit in Snookers) you're sorta dragging your dog.

Or maybe your dog is hanging off that tug so hard when you bring it up to the startline you drag his butt in the dirt and make a track. That counts too.

If you're really good at either of these things, you get to be a drag queen.

Steve said...

Thanks Laura!

Good to know I can be a Drag Queen too! I was afraid I'd have to wear heels...