18 September 2010

What we really like to do is just walk around.

We were walking around before work, up by the mission. In the 1700's, priests captured tiny little indians and they built the mission with tiny little doors.

It's by the steps like the ones the priest fell down in the Exorcist.

When we were walking by, the early mass was getting out. A few old ladies were coming out, and a priest in thick white robes. I picked up Gustavo for some of them to pet. They thought I was lucky to have such nice dogs.

I met this other lady, and she was followed by 2 cats. She asked me where I was going.

"Just going for a walk."

She looked sort of skeptical. I may have been on private property. Sometimes my lines are blurred. She said that her cats were nice and wouldn't hurt my dogs.

Also, she was carrying a fly swatter.

We kept going on our way. The tamales lady had a bunch of guys eating some kind of soup she was serving out of a cooler in the trunk of her car. It was early and they were hanging out, trying to get some work. The dogs tried to charge in, and the guys all thought that was pretty funny. Gustavo liked those guys. But not Otterpop. Ruby just kept fishing through the gutter por el carne.

We could walk around all day like this, me and the dogs.

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Elf said...

I click my heels together, saying, "There's no place like Santa Cruz, there's no place like Santa Cruz," but I'm still just here in the Silicon Valley suburbs.