15 September 2010

Otterpop's fancy new skill of tote bag riding, which is eerily like Susan Garrett Crate Games except in a airline compatible pleather purse.

Otterpop is getting all this extra attention. Like learning to ride around in a tote bag. Actually, that's about it. But it takes up a lot of extra time.

"Get in the tote bag!"

"OK! Get out! Hey, get out of the tote bag!"

"Get in your tote bag!"

I do this at work then I have people practice looking at her. In the tote bag. With their eyes. Tomorrow we take a spin around the mall.

We lead an exciting life.

Gustavo and Ruby don't have to learn to ride in the tote bag. I mean, maybe some day they'll need to know this skill but I am cutting them some slack right now. They'll be representing Team Small Dog on the home front when we split town. A fact of which Gary is actually pretty happy about. Not the about me part! The Otterpop part. You remove Otterpop from the mix and there are manners and friendly, quiet, well behaved house dogs. And there is blissful silence. OK. Remove me too and actually, very blissful silence.

Less barking. From Otterpop. Less loud key losing. From me. Less frantic running around the house with bones being flung around with wild abandon. From Otterpop. Less living room disco dance party during baseball games. From me. Less yelling at mailmen. From Otterpop. Less unusual questions about athletes pets and astrology signs during important baseball games. From me.

They are going to miss us SO much.


Elf said...

They will realize how boring their lives are without you and otterpop. You're so good as a trainer, doing this tote bag thing.

Margaret said...

I don't have a small dog yet, but when I do, I hope there's an e-course.

Tinylurcher said...

Tote bags are the bomb. My SBD rescued from a puppymill smack dab in redneck country in central New York loves her totebag. Instead of being left with friends in Upstate New York, she gets to go to Manhattan, stay in a multi-million dollar friend's loft in the Village, look for books in the Strand, visit cool art galleries in Chelsea (except for the godd**m Gagosian, but I'm not going into that now) and eat at Pastis (on the patio) She is sophisticated dog now, all thanks to TOTEBAG. The best part is walking from the Village to Central Park north, and taking a subway ride back to village in said bag because of hurting feet. (Mine as well, but I can't fit in the bag) You can do it!!!