02 September 2010

A fine Dirt Nite.

Otterpop-much better! Barely limpy! Hates my guts for holding her hostage with no running but we have high hopes that this injury is called Extreme Jammed Toe and will be better by the weekend. Time will tell. She doesn't have to run team on Saturday, so we have plenty of time to see how it's looking. Hooray for the healing powers of the internet! And metacam! Think nice foot thoughts for Otterpop!

Gustavo-many dogwalk contacts! We have done a lot of dogwalks this week. We will continue. We aren't able to practice any on the rubber contacts, but we have high hopes that the dogwalk contacts will settle down this weekend. High hopes! I have been laying a frisbee out that gives him something to focus on as he runs down the down side. This is likely horrible cheating. But he is back to his footwork of my dreams all the way through the yellow and we will see how this goes. Although his weave poles seemed a little broken last night. Life goes on.

Ruby-ran at Dirt Nite! Just a little, I let her crash Rob's intermediate level class. Boy was she a happy dog. They run over a lowered a-frame and it's still light out in their class. She was hitting the bars at 8" some, but we had a great time running little courses a few times. I think it's cool she can still speed around an agility course with only half the vision! Ruby is such a good girl she gets left out too much. Gustavo and Otterpop sure can be high maintenance. I am trying to make sure Ruby gets to have some fun some of the time.

So we all had a great time. Gustavo and Hobbes ran nice and fast and didn't bark too much. We sure do like Dirt Nite.

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