05 August 2010

Just a short little couple of things because it's the morning after Dirt Nite and I need to take an extra long shower.

When I explained my foreign language/arm flailing stress recreation proofing technique and Dirt Nite last night, it was not met with ready acceptance. Go figure.

And then I didn't even need German to break Gustavo's running dogwalk. He has been nearly miss free and we have started practicing full height big boy dog walks, and even one blatant miss on the contact freaks me out. I wasn't even speaking German or flailing my arms, but I was running as fast as I could and blasted ahead of him and that is apparently our next proofing stage to work out.

Which we will start on the way to work if I can get this dirt out from under my fingernails. And out of my pores. And eyebrows. Have I ever mentioned how dirty Dirt Nite is?

Oh yeah, and I didn't even need foreign language technique to recreate some table stress. That just happens for free.

Also I sent the black and white German subtitle movie back to Netflix. And next we get more True Blood starring Bill the vampire. My poor dogs.

But how about those weave poles from the Gestapo? I mean Gustavo. Done with dessicating the proud German language. Brilliant? Pretty brilliant.

Of which the glory of was pretty much cancelled out the multiple tunnel flick aways from Otterpop. Which I thought we were healed from. They were so 2009. Like Jon and Kate Plus 8. Who are so over now. Like Ed Hardy shirts. Done. Otterpop flickaways, go away forever with overbreeding Gosselins and Ed Hardy dragon t's, please.

I sure am proud of how well every single one of my students is doing in Dirt Nite for Beginners. I like teaching dog agility. And I really like seeing when everyone starts to get really GOOD! Wow! And sorry students in advance for when I start watching True Blood episodes and feel the need to relate all of dog agility into everything I'm learning about vampires from tv.

Also when I was walking the dogs the other day, a guy came out of his house to put out the garbage wearing nothing but a Hawaiian shirt. And I do mean NOTHING but a Hawaiian shirt. This doesn't have anything to do with Dirt Nite, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


vici whisner said...

What color was the shirt?

team small dog said...

Not that I was staring, because I averted my eyes VERY quickly from hawaiian shirt only fellow, but I think it was blue with light colored hawaiian patterns. Maybe flowers and pineapples. This is required formalwear in our neighborhood. Although traditionally worn with trousers.

Elf said...

It must not have been a very long hawaiian shirt.