24 August 2010

Bidding a cheerful welcome to the Autumn.

Otterpop is poised above the poison oak patch.

Pretty much to go on a walk right now, we are walking through it. It seems extra juicy this year. It was so damp in the woods and then the sun burst out last week and plumped the red leaves up with extra added poison. Run, small dogs, run through it and coat your fur liberally with the oily goodness.

The leaves go red at this time of year. Maybe I've mentioned before how I feel about the autumn. Can you see my scowl? It's not even September, but I'm getting like that already. My knee is twitching just thinking about it. The light changes and the leaves change and the air changes and it's not just the trees. Everything turns prickly and poisonous like something is desperately wrong.

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