01 July 2010

True Life Story-Reliable recall erosion, or the scaredy pants little weenie is stuck on a log-part two.

Otterpop is showing you her reliable recall look. She believes. She BELIEVES. SHE BELIEVES! She believes it is reliable because WHERE IS THE GODDAMN SWIMSTICK?

Elsewhere at the abandoned car grotto, it's all chill and peaceful where Ruby frolics around with some project. I think she thinks she is catching crawdads by the sea. This side of the swimming hole is the nice side. All waterlilies French impressionist painting over there on Ruby's side.

This side has the stick throwing/swimming floundering mightily action. There are no quiet little ripples and dogs blowing gentle bubbles on this side of the swimming hole. There is leaping here and running and splashing and weird, weird swimming. And, look, there's a good swimstick up there on the bank in the jaws of Otterpop! But where's Gustavo?

MONKEYSCREAMING. The little weenie has once again swum his way across and is stuck on the log on the other side of the swimming hole and can't figure out how to dive in and come back. This happens a lot. Every time they go get a stick near that log, and he gets in too deep and he doesn't know how to turn and swim at the same time, only straight lines, so he just swims across and jumps on the log and then is stuck. The other dogs don't have this problem. OK, Ruby doesn't go in over her dainty chest, but Otterpop can turn around while swimming just fine with an entire tree branch shoved up her gullet. It's the way of Gustavo. AND, if he had a reliable recall, he would be diving in and coming back when I call but instead, he's stuck in monkeyscream mode on top of the log.

Otterpop. You need to go get your bruthah. See that face? She agrees because I am holding the swimstick and I have all the power. I can make her eyeballs buzz back and forth in her skull just like bony knees on the meth guys when they pass me on their tiny bmx bikes. Watch this. I'm going to throw that swimstick out at the log.

Ta Da!!! Otterppop to the rescue. Actually, a frightening proposition.

Then here's the part where I go all poison on their recall asses. How many reliable recalls gone fubar at the grotto in just one evening? How many grotto trips in one dog lifetime? Because now they're both over there on the log and I'm all, "Come ON you guys!" over and over and Gustavo's monkeyscreaming makes Otterpop all hissy freaky and I'm not sure where the swimstick is exactly and she's posessed and not focusing and he's just a screaming weenie and 10 minutes later, they both come back across together, one trip back for Gustavo that involved like 16 for Otterpop.

Some reliable recall. To be continued.

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