12 July 2010

Team Small Dog goes on an important mission which is now reclassified as swimstick vacation recreation.

We didn't really mean to go on a 5 hour Lake Tahoe vacation.

Like drive 5 hours, have 5 hours vacation, then drive back.

Much scenic beauty up there.

It was a reconnaissance mission of sorts. To sleuth up the elusive Joel Warner.

We found him.

Otterpop had no interest in reconnaissance. Because have you seen the size of the lake? And the plethora of sticks there? Especially, swimsticks?

The day devolved from there.

She's never had a whole, gigantic lake. She's used to the pond or the swimming hole.

She may never be the same again.

1 comment:

Elf said...

Wow, that's a pretty good accidental trip. Beats my "let's go have lunch at the Ahwahnee" trip many years back.