07 July 2010

Some important things that we learn from watching our dog agility videos that will be addressed, soon, after I eat desert again.

Wardrobe malfunction. Flappy western shirts do not exactly hide muffin top wraparound gut, and look sort of like a weird, floaty cape. Any sneakers suitable for dog agility are just plain old ugly. Snug plaid shorts? Oh lord. What was I thinking? My sense of fashion reality wafts around, hovers, doesn't quite ever land on the planet.

Posture. While yoga classes may have ruined the reliable recall, they used to do wonders on Miss America-like posture. This has regressed into slouchy, small dog leaning hunchback.

Voice yelling. I am a repeaty yeller. Come Here Come Here Come Here! Perhaps a more reliable recall would not require all suggestions to dog to be shouted out in triplicate.

Messy hair. One day in a cap. One day capless. No matter what, just a big, disheveled hair nest. In my mind, I have a flowing, blonde pony tail that trails behind my smooth shaped head in the breeze and that is shiny and yellow. In the video, this is a waddded up mass of mess and gives off an air of sweaty.

Chubbariffic. Enough said. Diet boot camp begins Wednesday afternoon. After snack.

Fast running. Before chubbariffic (see above), I was a fastrunner. That extra muffin top I'm carting around slows me down. In dog agility, to be a slow runner, you must be a super trainer. I am going with the fast running. We practiced fast running in the forest yesterday evening, up and down the hill to the spring box.

I am sure there are more learning tidbits to be gleaned from watching my runs on video. Maybe I'll even get my very own video camera someday. Now who's going to take me shopping?

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Elf said...

Jeans and polo shirts. I swear by 'em. (Henleys for the winter.) I'm sure you could be a fashion plate like me.