25 June 2010

A simple story, from a simple time, that ends in a puddle of wetdust.

If I let Otterpop swim after swimsticks for too long at the swimming hole by the abandoned car, she starts to pace and make a hissing noise. Like all her air is being let out. It starts to happen when her stick sinks, a tragic thing in life, far worse than the UPS guy doing something heinous like walking or worse, driving a UPS truck, that really makes her insane.

Because when the swimstick sinks, all the way to the bottom, there are 2 choices. Sucky choice one is dive down to the murky deep like they used to do on Seahunt starring Lloyd Bridges father of Jeff Bridges who you know is The Dude and is so not anything like Otterpop, and get it.

Get it? Otterpop would so not ever have patience for the Dude. She'd fling herself across the room and topple his tinkly ice White Russian on his sweater. Otterpop needs her OWN Coen brothers movie.

Sucky choice number two is you have lost the stick.

Lost the stick. Coen brothers, let's make a movie! I will supply the dogs.

Neither option computes, her transmission overheats, and then boy oh boy, do you get a good show. The ending of the show is when she rolls herself off the dust hill, and rolls down and down on purpose to the bottom because if you are done with swimsticks, you need to be coated in dirt with just tiny slits for eyes to see and then it's time to trot home.


Anonymous said...

lost the stick?! what the fxxx donnie! (quote edited to be suitable for all readers) but you've seen that website that has every single "dude" and "what the fxx x donnie" from the whole movie, all in about a minute, right?

Anonymous said...

oops, i meant "shut the fxxx up donny"

team small dog said...

The dude abides.

Elf said...

What, and no photos?