06 May 2010

Team Small Dog, in fancy moving pictures.

In which Gustavo earns a Standard Q, without his brain exploding.

In which we wonder, what's wrong with Otterpop?

In which Gustavo's brain starts to fizzle, he shizzles, the crowd let's out a collective groan, and he gets back in the game to finish. This is the heartbreak of running Gustavo.

See Hobbes run the same course. He looks sort of tired. You will note that HE doesn't run behind me and off camera for a minute however.


Anonymous said...

SUPERB handling in the first video with Gustavo!

Amanda said...

I loved how G's tail was wagging like crazy the whole time he was on the table in the first run! He is such a cutie pie. Broken Otterpop still looks pretty awesome! Hard to tell from the angle, but I wonder if you might have been blocking G's path/the jump where he refused. But you did get him back quickly and finish with a bang, so it's all good. Nice runs!

brittany said...

Wow, awesome!

team small dog said...

Yep, I think in that Jumpers run I was way out of position on the turn and blocked the jump and that freaked him out. There is zero margin for error running Gustavo, I think a lot of his problems come from one error from me, or if I stop moving for an instant, and that just fries his brain. So I need to get better, and he needs to learn to get over it.

I'm really glad I wasn't speaking in tongues though. I was just yelling "Goooo-Weeee!" to get him to come back. He also went to see the judge's water bottle. That is a really bad habit he has. Judges need to drink! Gustavo, stay away from the judges' drinks!