14 April 2010

The soundtrack edition-there is a point to this and it involves This Blog has Moved so keep reading even if you're all, huh?

The other night I watched a documentary about the Runaways. Because I wore all the same outfits as those girls in junior high and tried to get my hair to do that. And played guitar. And let's not forget the eyeliner. Where my neighborhood was all predictable sprinkler systems and station wagons sparkling in the sun, they were smokey Hollywood nights and unreliable motorcycle guys with tattoos and leather hair. I was sort of insulted I was never invited to join the Runaways, back in the day, but it's probably better in the long run.

The thing I like about rockumentaries is seeing how everybody turned out, later on. Seeing how the past designed the future. Sometimes things later on turn out better, sometimes worse. Jackie the Runaways bass player became an attorney and if you google her, you can read an interview she did about rescuing cats with Susan Olsen who was Cindy Brady and now they both really like cats. Joan Jett became Joan Jett. The other Runaways have husky voices and look a little weathered and don't sound like the happiest ladies I know.

Otterpop's soundtrack has always been the Runaways song Cherry Bomb. I think things are easier to remember and are tidier when they have soundtracks. Like instead of filing stuff to organize it, I make sure that I know what it's soundtrack is. This way of dealing with business records and tax papers and so forth is probably questionable, and less tidy in the long run, and if my accountant knew this was one of how I did my bookkeeping she would not be so nice and give me proactive weeping kleenex when I come in to pick up my taxes. Because instead of using QuickBooks I have soundtracks.

Here's one. I think that the difference between Greg Derret Handling System and Linda Mecklenberg Handling System is David Bowie vs. Stevie Nicks. I believe that the songs Queen Bitch and Rhiannon illustrate this perfectly. This makes perfect sense to me. I think it does to you too?

This blog has had different soundtracks. It used to be The Eels song Packing Blankets. Then for a while it was Black Mountain, in my Canadian rocker period. Last week, it was Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown. I change it a lot. I probably don't always tell you.

But here, today, I'm telling you this. Not only does it have a new soundtrack, but it has MOVED! Wow! Thank you Ellen, most efficient and easiest blog mover around! If you're reading this, you figured it out but what you can do is if your blog bookmarks mine, change it, right now, to http://blog.teamsmalldog.com. Change your readers, too. And for just today, since it's a special occasion, YOU get to pick the soundtrack. Over and out.


Anonymous said...

do you know The Audreys? their first album (are they called albums any more) Between Last Night and Us.
specifically- you and steve mcqueen, come on in, monster, long ride, and a little more.
although packing blankets is hard to beat...

Anonymous said...


What was the reason for the move?


team small dog said...

I do not know the Audrey's. Will give a listen and see if they are soundtrack worthy.

It had to move because they said so. The Googles. It's all moved though, safe and sound. No need to panic.