21 April 2010

Sometimes we drive by the covered bridge.

As a rule, I think that you should stay away from covered bridges. Because of: headless horsemen, zombies, ghosts of long gone bandits with gold plated watches on a chain, drowning victims in long black veils, and throat slitted pioneers. Oh, and ghosts of loggers who died when they cut their own legs off with chainsaws. All of them hang out in covered bridges.

This one was built in the 1800's, and sits across the river by the big redwood trees. It is spooky indeed. You can sit on it and listen for something. Echos of plodding hoofbeats maybe. Muffled screams from from the riverbank. Interviews with Goldman Sachs guys on NPR. Sounds that come out of the forest at night. Creepy, crackly, dark sounds.

I have an Otterpop, of course. When you have one of these, you can't be too afraid to walk across, and look out of one of the window slits at the river.

Everybody needs an Otterpop.

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