13 April 2010

Reboot, restart, refresh, redo.

At least they hold really still when they sleep.

Ruby, always the optimist although she sometimes hears witches in her brain and I'm not sure you really go on what she says, would tell you yesterday was a lovely day of napping in the rain.

I would say otherwise. In fact, I am stamping my foot and declaring that this blog is closed until Gustavo and Otterpop feel better. They both got terribly sore legs from their rabies vaccine. Monday is our day off. Instead of fun, dogs limped and whimpered, then slept, making funny noises. Many checks were written to US Treasury and Franchise Tax Board. It rained. My pants were too tight. We would like a day off do-over, please.


Elf said...

This is a beautiful picture! Wow. And since we're rebooting, restarting, and refreshing--ta-da, you are now located at blog.teamsmalldog.com!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture that captures forever their peaceful slumber!

Kat in Michigan

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic drawing!!! So sorry to hear about the rabies vaccine side effects. Have heard of the same thing happening in horses sometimes. Can you report the lot number to FDA..could save other four footed friends agony.

Doggy Dish said...

Your picture is outstanding. The way you capture the spirit of your DOG in a drawing is truly remarkable!

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