19 April 2010

In the spring, sometimes I wear my checkered grandma blouse when we walk in the breezy air.


team small dog said...

A lot of places I walk or drive every day are now places where someone has been shot. Sometimes minutes before or after I was just there, as was this case. I don't think I was freaked out. I notice a lot of things when I walk around with the dogs. I will just keep noticing them.

Last week someone spray painted numbers and slogans on the house and fence on the corner. And their truck. But not on their lowrider cars. This is what happens in our neighborhood now. It's what happens on the road the ranch is on. It's just what happens now.

Elayne said...

There was a shooting on my street last year and the guy did end up dying, the shooter got life in prison. Some drug thing, straight out of Pulp Fiction. I wasn't even in town (though my husband was) and I was freaked out. When they opened up the crime scene there was no visible sign of blood but for months the dogs sniffed excitedly at the gravel in front of the house where the guy was shot point blank in the head and I was sure that at some point they would come up with pieces of brain in their mouths.