08 April 2010

Hello from Dirt Nite, wish you were here.

Dirt Nite was swell. I let Otterpop and Gustavo run last night, Hobbes had to stay home with a sore fingernail problem. We missed him. Ruby took one for the Team and stayed out on the bench. It was fun to trade off little dogs back and forth though, real fun until Gustavo who has been so good at sitting quietly in his soft crate ringside decided to claw a hole through his door with his decidedly non sore fingernails while I ran Otterpop. So much for all my well behaved Gustavo in class project.

His friend Wings sits quietly in her crate and doesn't chew holes in it. Actually, I take Gustavo out for a little walk when Wings has her turn because Gustavo monkey screams just as loudly for Rob running Wings as he does when I run Otterpop and Hobbes. But then again, Wings is going to the Czech Republic in July for the European Open of Dog Agility and Gustavo was not invited to this. A coincidence? I think not. But we are VERY excited for Rob and Wings.

Pop and Gman ran great, speedy and pretty much a-ok, until their very last run when both had little teeter totter moments. Did Otterpop watch Gustavo freak out and jump off? I dunno, because she did the same thing. Maybe it was me and some weirdo handling? Entirely possible, and I will go with that. First Gustavo, some post traumatic teeter stress thing, then Otterpop with an abandon ship right after.

To my teeter bailers, I say life goes on. Teeter totters are part of the big time space continuum, and you got your ups and you got your downs and some days, you go with it and other days, good god. You just want to fling yourself off the side and lay on the closet floor drinking a mai-tai, listening to Wilco really, really loud. Really though, you have to learn, even if you are just a dog, to hang on tight and the second it hits the floor, go running fast on to the next thing. It's a blip on your horizon. Just deal with it.

So then we just ran around some more again and everything was fine and we dragged the stuff back into the trailer and called it a night. There's always something. I was happy to have fast, focused and generally error free dogs. I look past a gaping hole in the crate door and some deviant teeter behavior and am happy to see them, right now, all bitey facing each other on the couch.

Right on, over and out.

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