31 March 2010

Who did we meet in the forest today?

One retired mailman with ipod ears, who comes up to our secret forest running spot to count the fish. He showed me where he keeps the fish food. What? You think I was going to say he showed me something else? If I told you where the fish food is, I'd have to kill you. I showed him the hill I run the dogs up and down, and up and down. Then we parted ways. Here's how I like to part ways in the forest. I just ZOOM away down the hill with the dogs while you are talking about fish and we vanish. Poof. You never saw us.

Then we met a sketchy looking fella with an orange cap and a long black raincoat. He was thin as a rail and crept out of the redwoods. He did not know I had an Otterpop. SurPRISE, sketchy fella! He scampered back into the woods. Scamper, scamper, rail thin forest man, or I let the Otterpop off the stump.

Then I re-met the mailman. He hiked back up the hill to warn me that the sketchy black coat fella was lurking around. I thanked him. He didn't know I have an Otterpop that keeps us safe in the forest. He, himself, carried a large walking stick, which I suspect Otterpop had her eye on. Mailman says, "Huh. I guess you never know. I mean, I guess I could be the sketchy one." I check his eye for an evil gleam and wonder if Otterpop has ever picked up any shutzhound attack skills from her friend Wings. He has no evil gleam. He's a retired MAILMAN for gops sakes. And once again, we vanish separate ways. Him, slowly back down the hill, and us ZOOM, we run fast down the same way the spring drips, through the ferns.


Life With Dogs said...

I don't know, he could have gone postal. ;)

team small dog said...

Awesome! You and Otterpop, think alike.