15 March 2010

Team Small Dog, a spotty vapor that will hopefully reappear soon.

We here at Team Small Dog would like to tell you something bright and cheery yet simultaneously snarky and barfy for your Monday morning but we here at Team Small Dog would like to have a day off in which to do this. So if, ha HA! you are back to work and you wanted to read something amusing about dogs here, or a useful training tip which is likely not even all that useful, then ha HA! boy oh boy have I fooled you this time.

Team Small Dog should reappear soon. I saw them recently, somewhere. Clicking your heels together 3 times and chanting just like the snake wielding Satan worshipers in the 1975 classic film Race With the Devil Starring Peter Fonda may or may not bring them back. You KNOW what happened to Peter Fonda in that movie, righty-o?

Until then, keep calm and carry on. Or freak out and throw a fit. Be agitated and stage a coup. But if you are up to your earballs in horses, taxes, and graphic designing like me, you will just stick that nose back to the grindstone and throw those dogs some bones.

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team small dog said...

There is no R&R in sight except at least the time change has added an hour to the day, we get 25 now, right? The dogs will at least get a run!