25 March 2010

Otterpop is lame.

It's always something, righty-o? But, on the upside, because I am an OPTIMIST, goddamn, I found a pair of clean trousers to put on this morning. Righty OH! Carry on.

Bright Side Addendum Numero Uno: At least the streets weren't infested with vampire toothed little blood sucking fish this morning! Also, my car is not infested with tarantulas! Life is good.


brittany said...

I'm sorry- what are you talking about, with the fish?

And sorry to hear about Otterpop.

vici whisner said...

I'm so sorry Laura. I hope it is a small thing and Otterpop is running again soon. V

Elf said...

Oh, man, otterpop! :-( Hopefully some good voodoo horse-curing charms will work on him and not cost another costly visit to the vet.

team small dog said...

Life would really suck if there were blood sucking fish infesting the streets around my house.

I am just walking Otterpop on her leash again and making her rest her leg and I hope it is a little flareup and not something worse. I am pretty sure this is the case because I am an optimist!

Otterpop is a girl Ellen! She just looks like a boy! Poor Otterpop.

Elf said...

I *know* that, too, and I keep reminding myself of that, but otterpop is just such a tomboy name! Give my humble apologies to otterpop, I don't want him///her to hate me forever.