22 March 2010

I often slip my tiny camera in my pocket when I go places. Even if it's just to run quick down to the beach. I actually don't mean to take pictures of the dogs. It's for if I see something important. Alien craft sucks up surfer. Junkies fighting in the front seat of a van. A parade with reindeer and sparkling floats and 100 marching dwarves wearing kilts.

I always end up with pictures of the dogs. Most of the time, I'm mad at my photos. In my dreams, my tiny pocket camera would take those crisp, beautiful photos like National Geographic guys of man eating seals or the border collie ladies who can get every scrap of detail of their dogs leaping to the tennis ball, every hair caught mid air.

Instead, they get stayed on the rock one more time. When there could be running into the water after sticks or jumping on to the chest of the sleeping guy that turns out, can curse really loud in I think what is Korean. Or watching a smackdown between Gray Pitbull Number One with Balls and Tan Pitbull Number Two with Balls. Many things at the beach just get us all running and it's really not as somber as my tiny little photos always say.

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ViewFr4Inch said...

I was thinking the same thing today about my own little blog. Just as I posted yet another photo of my dogs in scenic repose. It's supposed to be about dog agility, but I don't seem to take pictures of activity very well.

Too much movement.