26 February 2010

A useful way to tell apart the dogs of Team Small Dog.

Just use the rotting seal carcass test. When approaching a fully decomposed, rancid, rotting seal, this quick and easy system easily identifes Otterpop, Ruby and Gustavo within seconds.

On first whiff, they all just look like little black dogs, noses quivering, turned up in the air. But watch. When they all bolt towards the carcass, yell out "Otterpop!" first. If you happen to have a driftwood log, giant seaweed kelp, or even a pinecone handy, she's going to select that over the carcass and she turns right around and back to you when the wind carries the seal scent down the beach.

You can tell which dog is Ruby when she makes headway towards that carcass. Just holler, "RUBY NOOOO!" as loud as you can, and she comes flying back in. Ruby has a conscience. It just has to be hollered at sometimes.

Gustavo is easy to tell apart from the girl dogs. Because when I'm calling them in, he already made it to the carcass, burrowed on in to the most rotten, private, putrid innards, and is happily rolling around inside them. Exposed skulls with teeth, a huge plus! Still can't figure out which dog is which? Here. Stick your nose up to the computer. I'm holding one close. See? Easy to know which one is Gustavo.

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