06 February 2010

A Blogger tutorial, or Team Small Dog demystified, courtesy of the computer geniuses you know as Team Small Dog, who do have an ulterior motive.

Some of you probably ask yourselves, how does she do it, that Laura over there with Team Small Dog. Like maybe you tried to have a blog and you updated the time you made Christmas cookies back in 2007 and that was that. It's not for everyone.

So, many of these fine stories you read on Team Small Dog start out life as little scrawled notes on post-its or receipts from the feed store and Trader Joe's. I love to scrawl notes while I drive. I have a notebook somewhere but it's way more fun to dig around under the seat on the freeway looking for a tiny piece of paper and half dead pen, where I can write a little outline.

When I get home at night, I try to find those notes, which I have now lost, to type up a little story on my laptop. Usually I forgot whatever it was I can't find on the notes and then I just write something else. I always hit save. Unless I don't and then you should hear the yelling when I plug in my camera to move the photos that I didn't take because the batteries were dead and the camera plug crashes the iPhoto and everything is lost again.

With me so far? Blogging, not for the faint of heart.

Now, here's where it gets a little technical. Team Small Dog, the blog, lives on the teamsmalldog.com the website. This website lives on a mysterious computer somewhere, maybe in the Phillipines or my friend Steve's garage. I don't know. Actually, I have no idea.

When you live a digital lifestyle, kittens, there are a lot of invisible rocket sled spaceships that move your data around.

So the rocket sled spaceship called Blogger that makes my blog live somewhere on an island in the Phillipines or Steve's garage, no longer is friends with FTP the sonic motorbike. There was a spat. It involved Google. Google is a behemouth and FTP was exiled to Outer Mongolia, and the end of the story is, Team Small Dog blog has to change yet not change before March or we all turn into rotten pumpkins and the phone booth explodes. Or at least the links are broken and there are NO MORE PICTURES OF GUSTAVO.

Because I suspect that's why most of you are here. To see photos of Gustavo. And Benecio Del Toro.

So, here's where I'm getting to the point. Two points.

Point Numero Uno: The Help Team Small Dog Point
My nice friend Ellen has to move her blog, too and she seems to understand somewhat what this all means and all I can figure out is, good god. I have no idea what she's talking about. So if any of you use FTP and Blogger and you know what I'm talking about, understand the Google/Blogger/FTP Fiasco, and you know how to move my blog without it exploding and killing the president and losing all the files, please email me and I would even pay you to do this.

Point Numero Dos: The Team Small Dog Facebook Fan Point
Being pro-active here, and assuming that in March my blog explodes and I've gone back to writing a blog that is just scrawled receipts and post-its magneted on to my refrigerator where the only way you get to read Team Small Dog is in my kitchen which is also my living room, I have set up a plan. Where after the explosion, and preparing for the future when there is a blog that lives somewhere else with new links but also possibly zombie cannibals roaming the streets, you can find Team Small Dog and ask us, how do we get to your refrigerator? This place, is called the Team Small Dog page on Facebook, and every single one of you can become a fan and I promise to go in and update it all the time as long as you're not my high school boyfriend.


Teresa said...

Facebook fan - done. I need team small dog in my day. Thanks, Laura!

Anonymous said...

ok ok i did it. swore i would NEVER join facebook, creepy old facebook, but the thought of no more TSD quite the motivator. but i didn't use my real name, sort of. and i definitely didn't use my real birthday. so take that, big brother facebook. was that illegal?

Kevin said...

I suspect you just need to wait a bit.


"Google will no longer allow FTP publishing on its Blogger service beginning March 26."

"Klau says that Google is building a migration tool for current FTP users and that this will be ready the week of February 22. Google is also providing a blog dedicated to educating users on the migration from FTP to hosted blogs.

Once the migration tool is released, Google says, it will schedule conference calls to address additional issues"

their blog

team small dog said...

Mary, too much coffee for you. And let Ariel know Otterpop will never escape, she has a sturdy cage.

Thanks devoted Fan Page people!

Kevin, being proactive! Preparing for the worst! I have been diligently reading the blog blogger set up for the ftp moving and it is written in foreign languages of subdomains and .htaaccess by patient, weeping engineers on xanax. Ellen translates this cheerfully, but I am a person who's internet lives on the kitchen counter and sometimes I hit it with a screwdriver. Like the type who can do real damage with my mad DIY skilz.

Elf said...

If you can wait until I've moved Taj MuttHall successfully, then I'd be glad to move TSD for you, if you haven't already figured it out by the time I get there. Because I'm going to try very hard to pay no attention to the issue this week because of Dog-Agility-And-Work. We can discuss terms offline. It might involve a sketch of Merle Girls.