20 January 2010

The water, it won't stop falling from the sky.

The storm banks keep moving through. When there are breaks, there are horses to walk, poor things much worse off cooped up in their boxes, their only break in the monotony, dreary walks around and around the road throughout the property. The dogs make due. There's always something for them, they don't much care if it's rain or wind or sun.

I stood out in the middle of the field, waiting for dark to hit and waiting to see how long it took the black storm cloud to move on top of us. I stood out there, not moving at all, facing in to the wind. Blew hard enough to keep me propped up, and so loud, moving by my ears. No one else out there. Generator drones and rattles from a shed out by the buildings. The Who song Teenage Wasteland swells up all operatic in my brain. Sometimes it's creepy, when you get a free soundtrack you didn't even ask for.

The dogs stayed occupied, digging through the underbrush, in the soft dirt. Frantic for something that was just beneath the surface. I let them dig so long, trying to see if they caught whatever it was tunneling away from them before the black cloud hit on top of us. Worst thing that would happen, we get really wet. Worst thing that would happen, the one inch diameter hails the lady on the radio told us about pelts our skin. Worst thing that would happen, was a lightning cloud like the ones in the morning, would appear and strike me dead.

The cloud, it's winning, and I turn my back to the wind and slog through what is now a slough, boots to my knees, sometimes slipping. Call in the dogs and they need to leave whatever it was they have now gone feral for, digging as if posessed, each in their hole. Sometimes they swap.

It's Gustavo and Otterpop who whistle in right away, and when I get through the field, out to the path, I turn into the wind again, and can barely see Ruby out there, a pouncing little speck. She has gone to heaven. I don't know if she can hear me through the wind. I doubt it. I wave my arm, turn my back, and keep walking up to the road. A minute later, she's alongside again, with a spark in that bad cloudy eye. I gather them all up, just as the first heavy drops start to fall from the sky.


kiwichick said...

All those storms you are experiencing are coming to Utah only we are getting 3-5 feet of snow, lovely.

team small dog said...

Yikes. I am up to my eyeballs in wind and rain. The thought of snow...holy smokes. Good luck with all that!

Anonymous said...

good use of the word "propped", I dont use it enough

team small dog said...

You must be around lots of sturdy things. I am always propping stuff up around here.

Unknown said...

My sister up in Bellingham Washingto thinks we are getting all of their rain this month. They are on like their 20th straight day of record high temperatures. All the tulips in the fields have started pushing through the dirt, probably just in time to freeze solid in February.

Andrea said...

Those are brilliant pictures of your dogs. They must be well trained! Do you feed them an all natural diet?