23 December 2009

Nothing more boring than other people's dog show videos and behold! Some videos from Bayteam Santa Rosa USDAA Team trial.

Look at little Otterpop go in her Grand Prix. It's Otterpop 2.0!

OK, 2 different dogs, same course. This was the Team Standard course at Santa Rosa. Comparing Otterpop's runs to Gustavo's are sort of like comparing a cerveza to a rum drink served in a tiki glass. Both are always a good thing!

First, Otterpop. Nice and smooth. A pole bobble. We move on. Thanks Otterpop. Remember when she'd get to the top of an a-frame and stink eye the judge then come down and express her hatred towards them for looking at her? New improved Otterpop 2.0. Just do it.

Here's Gustavo. Same course. A whole different thing called I need to do EVERYTHING a hundred times faster and never just STAND there with Gustavo. Help me remember that. Once we get through the extra bits in the beginning (it's Team. Screeeming Monkeees. Most E's) it goes better. We call it inspiration to get better.


OBay Shelties said...

Lovely run with Gustavo! Fantastic see-saw! Agility videos are NEVER Boring. Unless they are of border collies and that does get boring after awhile. ;-)

team small dog said...

I think Gustavo would love to go to fast little dog boarding school at your house, Bernadette!

OBay Shelties said...

Send him over! :-) You have a fantastic little dog there once you figure him out. He is going to be so much fun to run; I cannot wait to see him when he matures.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!