17 November 2009

Sometimes things are just so very simple.

I got done at work in time to get to the low tide beach before the sun went down. When the tide is out there, it looks like the sea has been sucked back into the middle of the bay, leaving a flat, damp pad where birds walk around, shredding little crabs and shit. When you walk out there, you suck your breath in for a minute when you think that the sea could come back in, like it does in tsunami, but it won't and we can all walk out farther than you ever imagined possible. Where almost every other day, is an ocean. Trip that righteous fact out in your minds, kittens.

All of us ran around out there, the dogs chasing a million shore birds. Even Otterpop, who isn't supposed to run. Much. It seemed wrong not to let her. Because how many days can your feet touch the floor of the sea? The little skim of wet across the flat sand pad was a blurry mirror image of everything above it. Inverted, upside down, and fuzzy. I didn't bring a camera down, didn't have my phone. Nothing in my pockets. Just me and the dogs ran out as far as we could before the waves would touch us on the widest beach in the world. There was a whale and her baby out there, really not that far from us. Don't know if they could see us or not. I would like to think, not.

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