21 November 2009

Hola Gustavo!-Up close and personal tips about learning how to do the bucket trick.

Hola! I have put my feet upon the bucket and righteously rocking on DUDES!

Hola Otterpop! She joins us on the bucket and it is like on Oprah and they are giving out Mini Vans to best bucket feet on buckets! And cashmere! Oprah gives out cashmere to buckets and do they have cashmere on facebook? Hola Oprah!

Hola! Gustavo is still on the bucket!

Hola! Hola! My feet they are totally UPON the bucket! Oprah gives out washer dryers and has her own cable channel. HOLA! CABLE CHANNEL NETWORK of righteous Oprah MINI VAAAAAANS! Listen Listen Listen to how Oprah lung screams Gustavo-IT'S, GOOOOOOSTAAAAHVO! Then she gives Gustavo keys to a min van and it has a ribbon and Gustavo cannot drive! Jon and Kate Plus 8!

Gustavo is still on the bucket.


Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud despite the dawning of severe incipient depression morning.

team small dog said...

Gustavo usually has that effect on people.