10 November 2009

Here's the part where she'll try to sell you something because of capitalism and all.

You know what would be a good idea? Buy all your Christmas gifts from me. This month, I'm going to start loading up my cafepress store with items. Heck, Walmart was advertising last night during Dr. Drew's Sex Rehab, so why not start here? At least I don't have commercials with dancing zoo animals. Way more disturbing than Dr. Drew's collection of porn stars wandering around their posh Pasadena rehab digs with runny mascara.

Let's start with some team shirts for the upcoming DAM team trial in December. EVERYTHING'S for sale at Xmastime. You can have one too. Even ones from the team I'm not on. Just make sure you save 'em for Xmas.

Pretend you're on Gustavo's team. Because who wouldn't want to do that? The most E's in agiliteee. Hey, come on. It's going to be a really CUTE team.

Or, for all you fans of Jewish aetheist Emma Goldman, a team shirt I made for some friends? Because nothing says dog agility like the 19th century Danish socialist anarchist movement.


merlemama said...

Perfect! Anarcha Aussies. Love it! Bought It! Thanks!

team small dog said...

Right on-who knew there were so many Aussie anarchist fans?

minnow said...

very fun. Now the aussie anarchists can recognize each other in the crowd!

Unknown said...

While watching Team Relay finals yesterday, we noted that those teams that did well had matching team shirts...so you should plug the concept that it's been proven that teams are more likely to qualify and place with a team uniform.

team small dog said...

Well, there you go. A proven concept! Gustavo's team's slogan is "The Most E's in Agiliteeee" but we will have matching shirts, so that hopefully evens out the playing field.