14 November 2009

The commentator shrieks, "She just SMOKED it!" and Rob goes, "I guess SO!"

A bunch of our dog agility friends were big winners tonight! Congratulations to all of them.

Ashley and Luka won the 16" Steeplechase, Nancy and Jim both placed in the 22".

I think Nancy beat Jim by a little bit. I doubt Jim is mad.

But holy smokes, Rob. With Wings who is only 2 1/2 years old winning the Steeplechase Finals! I was a teensy bit sad for Hobbes that he didn't make it into the finals. But he probably was having a nice nap while Wings was busy SMOKING IT out there. Super big congratulations to Rob and Wings!


Elf said...

Oh, wow, you are so laura-on-the-spot with actual photo captures from the video! Why didn't I think of that? (Because I'm not as clever as you--) I'm sure Hobbes would have made it if you had been there to egg him on.

Anonymous said...

I went to bed happy; I woke up happy. And may I mention that Wings knows ZILLIONS of tricks thanks to her silent partner Derede!

Anonymous said...

The theme song could have been worse. I thought I had dodged a bullet by them not choosing "You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings."


team small dog said...

Yeah, Bette Midler movie soundtrack totally trumps Wings for weep-worthy theme song.

But, like, Pink Floyd Pig on a Wing! And a Patti Smith song about Wings. And the Queen song! And that Smashing Pumpkins song about a rat in a cage is something about Butterfly Wings. Marilyn Manson Scabby Wings! Many songs preferable to Paul McCartney and Wings! It is a slippery slope. Next year, it could be Venus and Mars are Allright Tonite! Danger!

Derede Arthur said...

Actually, Wings HAS a theme song: "I'm Alive" by CĂ©line Dion. Check it out sometime. We're working on a freestyle routine for it (or rather, a shorter version of it that leaves out certain annoying romantic references, which are TOTALLY inappropriate for a tough girl like Wings.

GREAT photos, Laura! I'm going to make them my wallpaper (or would if I were as clever as you!)

Next year, you and Hobbes on the podium, yes?

how to stop dog aggression said...

nice dogs very talented..now rob has a theme song.by Paul McCartney & wings..how to stop dog aggression

team small dog said...

Hey Celine Dion song is very good because as Wings becomes the triple famous dog for all her multitasking achievements, she might get a gig WITH Celine Dion. She owns part of Nevada I think but is not in the mafia because she's Canadian and has her very own casino and theater and everything. I bet Susan Garrett knows her. This is very good planning, Derede!

mika jo jodog said...

mika jo jodog says congratulations to her kindred spirit and her teacher!